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About Us

My name is Ashlan Yeros and I am the creator and creative engine behind Dip With Me. I started this brand with one thing in mind. How to help other people like me be the best they can and feel confident.

Ever since I was a kid, I have chewed my nails. I was such an anxious kid that every chance I got it seemed to be my fingers were in my mouth and I was eating them like it was a Thanksgiving dinner. I remember this would drive my mother insane. I tried forever to stop, and nothing worked. Hot sauce, bitterants, putting a dollar in a jar. As I went through school this habit continued and I remember even friends pointing out how bad my hands looked because my nails would be ripped and worn down so much and it made me very self-conscious, I was so ashamed of my hands.

As I got older and started joining the workforce, I noticed all these powerful women and their flawless manicures. I had only ever had a few from salons throughout my life, loving them each time but not being able to pay for more. I recall one day speaking with my mother in-law about this who like many, was rocking French Tips. She offered to take me one day and I was so excited.

After having my hands done at a salon, I noticed very quickly that it was much easier to not bite my nails. I started to have better looking fingers and nail beds and my favorite, better looking cuticles. My nails were not cracking or peeling, which made me not want to bite them. Finally! I had something beautiful to look at and would not feel the need to hide my hands in conversations.

After years of getting professional manicures, I switched from acrylics to dip powder as it made my nails stronger, the removal was easier and made them so much healthier. I fell in love with the world of nail dipping powders. I loved seeing the inspiration from others online and the creativity people had!

After a while, I started to find flaws in my professional manicures--and they are expensive $$$. For that kind of money, I want to be floored with the quality of my manicure and not feel like I was being rushed through. This is when I had the revelation to start doing them myself. I had been watching professionals do manicures on myself and others and had watched tons of videos online so of course I started giving myself manicures at home. My first few were horrendous. I noticed that not all products are alike, Surprise Surprise. I had liked nail dipping powders because of the versatility of them as well as providing a bold but professional look but found that these were so many inconsistencies and it was frustrating. Some required way more buffing and sanding, some totally changed color when you got it on and some just did not stay on.

After countless home manicures and all the venting sessions to my husband one day he asked me "Why not just make your own?". I did not have an answer to his question, because I had just never thought about it. I thought, Me? How can I do that? That would be insane!

I let the thought digest for months. I started to a lot of research, pondering and tinkering. I worked through endless product manufacturers and suppliers and I realized this would be possible. I could make something for other people like me that want great looking hands and touch a few people that also struggle with nail biting.

I had just one requirement, and that was to make the highest quality product sourced in a responsible and sustainable way. I wanted to make sure that anything I touched helped people become more confident and feel amazing. So, I created Dip With Me. With every item we sell you can trust that it will be consistent, easy to use and that it is made with the best of intentions in mind not only for you but our planet.

Thank you all for supporting Dip With Me as I love what I do and helping an ever growing community come together and be the best they can.